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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder - Handbook for Parents

The Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Handbook for teachers, para-professionals and school administrators, written by Monica Krug.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Resource Library Guide - Books, videos, DVDs, kits and journals available for loan to school staff and parents within the HISD.

Information about Treatment/Education Methods "Tip Sheets" -

Discrete Trial (DT) Inclusion  Paraprofessional Support
Peer Mediation Picture Exchange Communication System (PEC)  Social Stories
Visual Organization Visual Strategies  
These "tip sheets" are the work of Janine Stichter, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Checklist of Communicative Functions and Means - Used to keep track of the communication attempts of students and to make decisions about future communication goals.

Web Resources -

Autism Internet Modules Autism Society Autism Speaks
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) GVSU Autism Center
National Institute of Mental Health National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders OCALI
University of Northern Carolina    

Additional Web Resources by Topic:

Discrete Trial
Educate Autism  


Peer to Peer
Power of Peers  


Transition to Adulthood
Transition with Autism Speaks Transition Tool Kit Getting My Own Address
 Self Advocacy-It's My Choice  


Visuals/Social Stories
TinSnips Do2Learn
Carol Gray Social Stories   





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