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3 Phases of Basic Math Fact Mastery (Laura Chambliss) (ADDED 6/1/2016)


Redesigned SAT 

Sample SAT Questions (online)  

PSAT Practice Test  3/26/2015

Huron ISD Common Core Wikispace

Illustrative Mathematics

Rational Number Project: Initial Fraction Ideas
(Grades 3-4)
Fraction Operations & Initial Decimal Idea
(Grades 4-5)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
MARS Toolkit--Resources for Leaders in Mathematics Education
Math Playground 
 National Science Digital Library
 Interactivate:  Activities

Content Standards 

CCSS for Mathematics
CCSS for Mathematics - Appendix A

CCSS Essential Elements For students with significant cognitive disabilities

 Blank CCSS Implementation Plans
 1st Grade
 2nd Grade
 3rd Grade
4th Grade
 5th Grade
 6th Grade -Math
 7th Grade - Math
 8th Grade - Math
 Algebra I
 Algebra II

Classroom Instruction and Assessment

Formative Assessment Strategies:  Target-Method-Match
Using Area Models
Graphic Organizers:  Time Sequence Pattern, Process/Cause-Effect, Generalization/Principle
Graphic Organizers:  Compare/Contrast, Classification, Descriptive

Intervention Kits

Thanks go to the Michigan Mathematics Program Improvement Project (MMPI) for many of the resources used. See the Research Basis for each kit for a complete bibliography.

Addition and Subtraction Intervention Kit
Multiplication and Division Intervention Kit

Universal Screening for Mathematics

2016-2017 MiBLSi Screening Windows

(Window are for DIBELS, easyCBM, and Monitoring Basic Skills Progress; Delta Math follows a different schedule)

September 12-23, 2016

January 9-20, 2017

May 1-12, 2017

RtI in Mathematics

Targets--All Measures (DATED 7-28-2016, valid for 17-18 year)

Administration/Scoring for MBSP Math Computation Grades 1-3

Administration/Scoring for MBSP Math Computation Grades 4-6

How to Update NWEA MAP Test Layouts in Skyward 
Starting a New School Year with easyCBM Lite
Using easyCBM for Math Screening
(Grades 1-6)
easyCBM Update--Password Security and Student Confidentiality 10/21/2011
Aligning easyCBM Assessments to Common Core
AAIMS Algebra Probes - Cut Score Specifications
Algebra Administration and Scoring Guide (REVISED 9-21-2015)
Sorting Sheets for Grade Level Meetings


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