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 Data Review Tools

Fall Data Review

Power Point Presentation

Academic Team Implementation Checklist

Building Team Meeting Agenda

Building Action Plan

District Action Plan

Consolidated Needs Report

Consolidated Needs Report Sample

District Team Composition & Logistics


Invitation to Participate

Math Data Review

Reading Data Review

Writing Data Review

PBS Data Analysis

Winter Data Review

Power Point Presentation

PBS Data Analysis

Summary Table


Spring Data Review

Power Point Presentation

PBS Data Analysis

Summary Table


 Common Core Standards
 Standards for ELA and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subject
 Appendix A:  Research Supporting Key Elements of the Standards Glossary of Key Terms
Appendix B:  Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks
 Appendix C: Samples of Student Writing
 State Standards Website
 Preparing for CCSS and SBAC Assessment in Power Point (PPT)
 Common Core State Standards February 2012 Update
 SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium Website

Link to WikiSpace

CCSS Essential Elements (for students with significant disabilities)

Blank CCSS Implementation Plans
(Word 2007-2010 Version)
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade - ELA
7th Grade - ELA
8th Grade - ELA
9th-10th Grade - ELA
11th-12th Grade - ELA
6th-8th Reading - Science & Technical Subjects
6th-8th Reading - History/Social Studies
6th-8th Writing - History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
9th-10th Reading - Science & Technical Subjects
9th-10th - Reading - History/Social Studies
9th-10th Writing - History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
11th-12th Reading - Science & Technical Subjects
11th-12th - Reading - History/Social Studies
11th-12th - Writing - History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
 Curricular Priorities
 K-8 Reading
 K-8 Writing
Reading Next
Writing Next
 Writing to Read
 What Content-AreaTeachers Should Know About Adolescent Literacy
 90-90-90 Reeves
 Developing Early Literacy - Birth to Kindergarten


Research Foundations
K-3 Literacy Essentials
PreK Literacy Essentials
Teaching Literacy:  Applying Scientific Reading Research

Many of these programs are available for loan from the HISD.  Contact a member of the Planning Team for more information.

Step Up to Writing

Reading Interventions

 Instructional Materials and Strategies
 How to use POW Plus Tree
 POW-TREE - Writing
Video   Checklist   Description
 Transition Words - Opinion Essay
 Florida Center for Reading Research Student Activities
 Graphic Organizers
Fry Instant Word Lists
 K-12 Academic Word Lists
Critical Signal Words
 Greek and Latin Meanings
 Basic Spelling Vocabulary Lists
 Writing Rubrics:
Step Up to Writing
Dr. Anita Archer
 Letter Naming Drills:
Instructions Beginning
Intermediate Advanced
 Elkonin Box Instructions
 Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
 Bloom's Taxonomy:  Prompts for Generating Questions

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction:
Video     Description

Essential Reading Strategies for the Struggling Reader
 Reading Strategies and Activities Resource Book
 Anita Archer Resources:
Grades K-4 Vocabulary and Comprehension

Tier II and III Interventions:
Part I        Part II
Beginning Reading Instruction
Teaching Students Academic Writing
Watch Archer Videos:
Explicit Instruction
Literacy Instruction
Teaching Academic Writing
 Writing Next - Graham
 Teaching Persuasive Writing


Benchmarks and Target - Posted September 2016, valid for 2017-18

Three Tier Flowchart - Meeting the Literacy Needs of All Students
Testing Dos and Don'ts
Formative Assessment Strategies:  Target-Method-Match

Universal Screening Windows

 Grouping Students for Interventions:
(Print on 11x17)

Kdg  1st  2nd
 3rd  4th-5th  6th-12th


 Kdg  Primary  Adolescent
 AIMSweb Quick Guide
 AIMSweb Login
Student Intervention Log
Parent Letter Regarding Interventions
Benchmark Testing
Administration and Scoring Guide for Writing
Administration and Scoring Guide for DIBELS Next
 Progress Monitoring
Administration and Scoring Guide for Writing
Administration and Scoring Guide for DIBELS Next
Progress Monitoring Booklets - Writing
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
5th 6th 7th 8th
9th 10th 11th 12th
AIMSweb Quick Guide for Progress Monitoring
 Diagnostic Decoding Survey
Diagnostic Decoding Survey Webinar
Large file for download.  Be sure to play the slideshow to hear narration.
Beginning DDS Video
Advanced DDS Video
Download a Complimentary Copy of the DDS
Link to the Publisher

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