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Title Presenter(s) Session Date(s) Deadline to Register Link to Flyer Link to Register

Digital Illustration and Design
Self-Paced / Online Class

Tyler Leipprandt




NGSX Workshop
Next Generation Science Exemplar

NGSX Facilitator


4/3/2017 Flyer


Ready or Not - Sexuality and Autism (and other Complex Disabilities)

Michelle Etson
& Kim Miller


5/2/2017 Flyer


Huron County Science Leaders PLC

Scott Whipple

(backup 5/25)

1/6/2017 Flyer Registration

Summer PD Summary of All Courses

Teacher Directed K-1 PALS Reading
Tennille Whitmore 6/20/2017
AM only
6/9/2017 Flyer


Grades 2-6 PALS Reading
Tennille Whitmore 6/20/2017
PM only
6/9/2017  Flyer  Registration
Tyler Leipprandt

AM only

6/14/2017 Flyer Registration
Advanced Google Forms Tyler Leipprandt 6/21/2017
PM only
6/14/2017 Flyer Registration
A Framework for Understanding Poverty Kay Balcer 6/28/2017
& 6/29/2017
6/20/2017 Flyer Registration
Digital Illustration and Design (On-Line) Tyler Leipprandt 7/1 thru 8/19/2017 7/1/2017 Flyer Registration
Exploring a Growth Mindset Heather Miles  7/10/2017  7/3/2017 Flyer Registration
Using Classroom Assessments to Manage Flexible Groups for Elementary Reading and Math
Jennifer Trusock
and Erica Karg
7/11/2017 6/27/2017 Flyer Registration
Integrating Literacy Across all Content Areas Erica Karg 7/12/2017 7/5/2017 Flyer Registration
Curriculum Workshop - Work time for curriculum and assessments

HISD Gen Ed Team

7/18, 7/19
& 7/20/2017
 7/13/2017 Flyer Registration
Check-in/Check-out to Increase Student Success

Cathy Stinson
and Jill Champagne

AM only
7/17/2017 Flyer Registration
Strengthening Reading in K-1 Marilyn Peplinski 7/25, 7/26
& 7/27/2017
7/17/2017 Flyer Registration
Michigan Electronic Library for Beginners Christine Schneider  8/3/2017
AM only
 7/26/2017 Flyer Registration
Michigan Electronic Library - Advanced Christine Schneider  8/3/2017
PM only
7/26/2017  Flyer Registration
Virtual Reality in the Classroom Tyler Leipprandt 8/8/2017
AM only
8/1/207 Flyer Registration
Tech Tools for Formative Assessment
Tyler Leipprandt 8/8/2017
PM only
8/1/2017 Flyer Registration
Strategies for Expanding Vocabulary PreK-1 Marilyn Peplinski
and Teresa Mines
8/9/2017 7/26/2017 Flyer Registration
Using Formative Assessment and Performance Tasks Jennifer Tursock
and Jeff Guza
8/10/2017 7/27/2017 Flyer Registration
Supporting Students with Autism Deb Walsh 8/16/2017  8/9/2017 Flyer Registration
Response to Intervention Coordination in Skyward Skyward To be Determined-Anticipated mid-to-late August   Flyer Registration coming after date determined
CPI Katie Kolar
and Melissa Pratt
9/6/2017  8/30/2017 Flyer Registration
Kristen LeGault
and Lisa Rutkowski
9/7/2017 8/25/2017 Flyer Registration


In the event of a cancelation of school at the HISD (listed on all PD events will be canceled.
When there is a delayed start at the HISD, PD sessions will NOT start prior to start time of the agency.
Sessions may be be cancelled, rescheduled, or start later than originally scheduled.  Check the session flyer for a make up date.
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