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Profile of Services:

Various student activities

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Established in 1967, the Huron Intermediate School District is a regional, educational agency that serves students, families, and communities in Huron County.  Our direct customers are local school districts and their students and families. 

With about 130 employees, our mission is to ensure educational leadership, effective programs, and quality services which complement and enhance the efforts of community partners in educating all learners.  We take our role in assisting schools and communities very seriously.

 Student in classroom This Profile of Services tells of the many ways in which we serve Huron County in terms of general, special, and career/technical education.  Described also are miscellaneous and managerial services we provide to help schools and residents with the important work of preparing all learners for success in life.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss this Profile of Services.


 Staff working with young child


Bad Axe Public Schools


Caseville Public School


Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Schools


Harbor Beach Community School District


North Huron School


Owendale-Gagetown Area School District


Ubly Community Schools


Adams School


Big Burning School


Church School


Eccles School


Verona Mills School


Huron Intermediate School District


Also serving the
Parochial Schools of Huron County



Staff and students in learning environment









General Education Programs and Services

Within General Education, programs and services focus on essential learning in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  In addition to teacher consulting services in math, literacy, and science, we organize and deliver training for teachers and administrators.  We also operate the Huron Mathematics, Science and Technology Center.  General Education Services for local districts include:

    • Curriculum-provide curriculum consultation and K-7 Science Kits with corresponding training
    • Data Analysis and Assessment-assist with Regional Data Initiate Grant, Data for Student Success, screening and state data analysis
    • Professional Development-102 training events with 1,546 participants in 2010-2011 (430 hours)
    • School Improvement and Accreditation-assist with AdvancEd/MDE, MI-SAAS
    • Thumb Area STEAM Showcase, IVD, and , hands-on learning opportunities  (EOE:  7 years, 5,000 - 6,000 attendees annually; IVD:  3 innovative cars built by students, 10 statewide trophies; EPICS:  students spending $250,000 in engineering programs solving real community issues)
  • Grants-seek and write proposals that focus on student achievement
  • Professional Certification-assist teachers/administrators county-wide with state requirements
  • K-8 Rural Districts-support Rural Schools with administrative leadership and teacher evaluations
  • Federal Programs-assist with mandates and requirements
  • Truancy-assist administrators and court system to ensure regular school attendance
  • Pupil Accounting-audit student counts, document attendance

Early Childhood Programs and Services

To assist parents and the community in providing high-quality, early-year experiences and a great start for all children in Huron County, we provide an array of early childhood programs and services to ensure children arrive at the kindergarten door safe, healthy, prepared, and eager to succeed in school.  These services are provided at no cost to families and include the following (* indicates eligibility requirements):

  • Great Start Collaborative-coordinates and improves services so families have the resources they need to have healthy, safe, and happy children who are prepared for school and life success

    • Parent Coalition- provides a "customer" perspective and serves as a sounding board for the Great Start Collaborative, helps to carry out the activities of the collaborative and works to increase community awareness about the importance of early childhood 
  • Partnership with Huron County Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Council-provide evidence-based programs to support the prevention of child abuse and neglect
  • Parent education and community education classes-classes held quarterly                        
  • Playgroups-parent child playgroups offered monthly
  • Parents As Teachers-home-based parent education and family support services for families who are expecting or with children up to age 8
  • Great Start Readiness Program*-preschool for children who are four years of age by September 1 of the current school year
  • Project Find-free developmental screenings
  • Early On*-teaching and coordination of in-home services such as physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Early Childhood Special Education*-preschool program for special needs children, ages 3 through 6 who qualify for services based on formal evaluation.

 Young child involved in an activity

Special Student Programs and Services

Special Education programs and services of Huron ISD encompass specialized instruction, programs, and services offered to approximately 700 hundred students with disabilities throughout Huron County.  Based on student need, these programs and services assist students to gain access to the general curriculum, participate in transition opportunities, and develop skills necessary for self-sufficiency.  The Huron Learning Center provides specialized programs for students who can benefit from more intensive instruction in a center-based setting.

Educators and staff members share in professional development that expands and enriches the learning environment.  Families are connected with resources and offered opportunities to actively engage in their child's education.  The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) provides direction for parent trainings and fosters communication within local school districts.


Ancillary Services include:

  • Teacher Consultant                           
  • Transition Coordinator
  • School Psychologist                          
  • School Social Worker/Behavior Support    
  • Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapist
  • Speech and Language Pathologist/Audiologist


Students in classrooms


Board of Education

Janice Holz

Gene Holdwick
Vice President

Emily Turner Executive Secretary

Michael Krause

Christopher Jahn

Joseph Murphy
Assistant Secretary


Joseph W. Murphy

Karen Currie
General Education

Carol Brown
Special Student Services

Clark Brock
Career/Technical Education

Julie Williams-Muz
Financial Operations


Business Services

The Business Services department of the Huron ISD consists of dedicated professionals whose goal is to contribute to the successful education of all students through sound fiscal practices.  Staff oversee daily transactions and all financial services including budgeting, financial reporting and analysis, grant processing, cash flow monitoring, external audit planning/preparation, insurance benefits, retirement benefits, payroll processing and reporting, criminal record checks and fingerprinting, and accounts payable and receivable processing. 

The Business Services department also provides assistance to our local school districts and the K-8 districts.  The Director of Financial Operations meets regularly with local school business managers providing updates on legislative changes which affect school finance and facilitate collaboration.


Business office staff 
 Business office staff  

The Business Services department offers the following services to our local and K-8 school districts:

  • Budget development, monitoring, and analysis
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Payroll processing and reporting
  • Accounts payable processing
  • Cash receipt processing
  • Insurance benefits
  • External audit planning and preparation
  • Retirement benefits
  • Negotiations
  • Grant processing


A Message from the Superintendent . . .

The Huron Intermediate School District provides leadership and service in the areas of general education, special education, and career-technical education.  It is our goal to promote excellence while serving all of our local districts, which includes seven K-12 public schools, five K-8 rural schools, and four parochial schools.


Superintendent Joe Murphy
We are committed to promoting student achievement for all students.  We work with local districts to provide high-quality teaching and solid core programs for all children.  We screen students early and often to identify learning struggles and provide effective help to get kids back on track for successful learning.  We will continue to have the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of all of our constituent schools and promote learning for all students.

We strive to be a great community partner and improve the lives of all citizens of Huron County.  This Profile of Services highlights our numerous services and programs offered at the Huron Intermediate School District.  We are proud of our programs and the outstanding staff who administer them.  It is our vision and work:

Helping to Inspire Success and Dreams




Web Accessibility
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